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Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Diamond Necklace

Our Story

Celebrity Diamonds 305 was founded by Daniel Gottfried in Miami, Florida, in 2018. Following the model of his parent’s successful diamond wholesale business in Cleveland, Ohio, and Miami, Daniel’s strategy is to create a great customer experience for every interaction with the company, which is rare today in a rapidly changing global diamond industry.

Celebrity Diamonds 305’s research on “successful” companies noted that they often overcharge their clients for consistently low-quality products. Following in the footsteps of his highly respected and successful parents, Daniel created Celebrity Diamonds 305 to produce and deliver custom and luxurious jewelry for customers at wholesale rates. Positive customer experience continues to be the cornerstone of the company’s success.

Celebrity Diamonds 305, therefore, uses e-commerce and in-person sales strategies to save clients thousands of dollars on their purchases. In providing wholesale pricing with flexible purchase and delivery strategies, including hand-delivery, Celebrity Diamonds 305 has built a successful growth company. Be secure in knowing that even though Celebrity Diamond 305 works with celebrity clients, all are welcome.

With offices in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Orlando & Israel.

“Better quality at a wholesale price,” that’s the Celebrity Diamonds 305 way.

Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Jewelries
Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Jewelries

Our Philosophy

Industry Problems


Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Jewelries
Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Custom Watch

Opportunity and Solutions

Product Overview & Description

Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Jewelries
Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Diamond Ring

Diamond Descriptors

Determining the Value of a Diamond

The 4 Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut.

Sales & Distributions

Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Jewelries


Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Diallo
I love it. Will wear it everyday for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making this exactly how I envisioned it.
Check Diallo said dopiest piece ever
Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Joakim Noah
Appreciate the hard work you put in to this man. This is an awesome piece. I will cherish it forever.
Joakim Noah said very detailed and amazing
Celebrity Diamonds 305 - Arielle Jacobs
I get to wear my favorite princess everyday while performing her and in real life too. Dream come true to be able to be shinning shimmering splendid with my new piece too.
Arielle Jacobs Said this is absolutely wonderful
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